I’ll update this page when there are updates to the Evo Calculator.

The change log will not contain any update logs prior to it being merged to the blog.


Corrected the pricings. I missed a few numbers which resulted in incorrect results


Updated pricing after the 5:1 BJ update


Updated prestige warning prestige’s past level 20 now.


Corrected daily lows earnings
Corrected daily highs earnings
Both automatically correct hourly earnings as its a simple earnings/24.
Anything past 20 is still incorrect as I do not have access to those as I am not a high enough level


Added daily low, high (Inaccurate for 1 – 9, 21 – 25)
Added hourly low, high. (Inaccurate for 1 – 9, 21 – 25)


WSB Evo Calculator was moved to the blog for easier management.

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